In Certain Places

West Cumbria: On the Edge

“What seems characteristic of this place is its existence on the edge of things.

And the edges are many and varied: the edge of land, by the sea … the edge that separates historically disputed frontiers and porous borders from outsiders … the edge that distinguishes it as a place unlike the other Cumbria of the Lake District … the sense of “edgeness” that belongs to a kind of place that is unknown or has been forgotten about … and, finally, the existential edge of time, because West Cumbria — from the industrial past to the nuclear future — has always been on the edge of the future.”

- West Cumbria: On the Edge (2018)

In Certain Places is a research project at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) that encourages new approaches to art, culture and urban development. My research on ‘place’ within this West Cumbrian context is being undertaken at the UCLan Westlakes campus, and is funded by the Samuel Lindow Foundation. The project runs between 2017 and 2020.